Ride Up Pike’s Peak With The World Record Holder.

On June 27, 2010, Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima won Pikes Peak for the fifth consecutive year. He is the current record holder.

The car is a Suzuki Twin TurboSX4, 900 hp, 150 mph screamer.

This is the entire winning run on June 27, 2010, with five onboard cameras. After the video, I’ll tell you my observations.

Enjoy the ride.

This is awesome video. If you have ever driven Pike’s Peak, it is mind boggling.

He is smooth as silk. He takes out a rock protruding a couple of inches from an embankment, and misses the embankment. Later, an orange highway cone knocks out the side video cam, but the car missed the cone. Even at this speeed, he is within two inches of where he wants to be. Oh, and sorry hay bale you’re in my line.

Even more remarkably, there is never a rooster tail, even when he is drifting.  He is using all of that power for forward progress, not wasting it throwing dirt in the air.

This is just awesome. I still get goose bumps watching this video.



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