This an incredible interpretation of Toto’s song – “Africa”. What really amazes me about this is that someone was so in tune with the sound of people moving and climbing the scaffolding, and heard how that could sound the same as thunder. And snapping fingers in a large group could sound just like rain.

I am reminded of a scene in M*A*S*H* when Hawkeye had become temporarily blind – he said that the sound of the rain was the same as the sound of a steak on a grill.

I admire anyone with that level of awareness and attention to what is happening around them, which allows them to form observations like that.

I truly admire whoever conceived this performance.


And now, with respect for the inspiration, equal time for Toto.


The song was written by David Paich (keyboardist) and Jeff Porcaro (drummer).

The song “Africa”  was released on the album  Toto IV.  (Yes,they called them albums then). The album reached number one on the Billboard charts, and received more music awards than the Beatles’  “White Album”. It held the distinction of winning the most music awards in history until Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

Speaking of Billboard, the Guinness World Record holder for Album Sales is measured by the Billboard Top 100 Albums of the Month. The Record Holder (no pun intended)  was on the Top 100 Albums of the Month for over 14 years.

Guess who?

Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon.

It just might be worth a listen.



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