Amazing Reef Aquarium

This is such an incredible Reef Aquarium, I was speechless when I first saw it.

The defining points of a reef system are that it not only has marine fishes, it can also support live rock, live coral, and marine invertebrates like anemones and sea squirts, etc. It supports the entire spectrum of biodiversity found in an actual coral reef in the ocean.

They are spectacular to see in person. The lighting has to be much more intense than a typical marine aquarium with fishes only. Also, the water has to be turbulent – it has to flow like it does in an actual coral reef, with waves constantly flowing through it. The experience is unforgettable.

You can see several more pictures of this reef aquarium here.

There is a very good magazine for reef systems – Coral Magazine. It was initially published in Germany in 1999, and launched in English and distributed throughout the English-Speaking world beginning in 2004.


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