A Preview of Sochi

 Sochi is farther south than Monaco, at about the same latitude as The Bahamas.

"Sochi 1"

"Sochi 2"

"Sochi 3"

"Sochi 4"

Now, here’s the kicker – Sochi is located in the Krasnodarsk Region of Southern Russia. I’ll say that again. It’s in Russia…       …7,8,9,10. If that didn’t cause your brain to explode,  this might –  

 Sochi is the Host City for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games:

"Sochi 5"

"Sochi 6"

"Sochi 5"

How awesome is that? In Russia during February – spend the day competing in winter sports, and spend the night in a sub tropical city! That’s the way to do winter!

"Sochi map 2"

 Who else wants to go? 

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