Elision – GO BIG!

"Go big"

Elision is an interesting concept – it is one of the means whereby our language has evolved over the years and centuries. We all learned about “contractions” growing up – for instance, “Can not” became “cannot”, and then became “can’t”. We automatically know how to use those concepts, we don’t (!) give it another thought.

Elision is the process of understanding that certain things are implied, and they do not have to be expressed in their entirety. It is just one of the fundamentally interesting qualities of the English language. (If you are interested in the English language!)


This is elision of a different sort – the kind of elision that a carpenter or mechanic or mason uses when their “hands know more than their brain”.  They automatically know how to do something, it is in their nature, but there is really no way to describe or teach that to someone who has never done that. You have to do that to understand. 

Today’s image is about “going big” in the realm of surfing.

How many people can honestly look at this image, and say to themselves, “Oh, yea, I’m going over there and make a left turn.” ? Can you honestly say that you would do that simply for recreation? On a surf board?

Those who have never done this don’t (!) realize the personal reality of those involved. We are very much capable of understanding what this is on the level of personal engagement and commitment, and a proficient involvement with, our environment.

But just look at this picture, and ask yourself, would I drop into that situation by choice? People do this every day for recreation. Would you? Probably never.

It is important to realize that the things YOU have to “drop into” every day, most people would never volunteer to do. YOU do it every day of your life. So, GO BIG in your life, life will provide the resources for you to do this, and you deserve it!

We’re talking about elision to remind you that you “elide” every day – that you don’t think about what you take for granted, what is natural to you. Give yourself credit, lighten up, you are doing things every day that many people may consider impossible, but that is what YOU do EVERY DAY.


3 responses to “Elision – GO BIG!

  1. Very inspiring words, words that gave me goosebumps.

  2. Now we know who the snesbile one is here. Great post!

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