Big Numbers

Michael Jordan, having “retired” with $40 Million in endorsements, makes $178,100 a day, working or not.

If he sleeps 7 hours a night, he makes $52,000 every night while sleeping.

If he goes to see a movie, it will cost him admission, but he’ll make $18,550 while he’s there.

He makes $7,415 per hour more than minimum wage. (Around $123 per minute.)

If he wants to save up for a new Acura NSX ($90,000) it will take him 12 hours.

He will probably pay around $200 for a round of golf, but he’ll make $33,390 while he plays.

He will make about $19.60 while watching the 100 Meter Dash in the Olympics, $15,600 watching the Boston Marathon.

This year, he’ll make more than twice as much as all Past US Presidents for all of their terms combined.

Amazing, isn’t it?


However, If he saves all of this money for the next 500 years, he’ll still have less than Bill Gates has at this very moment.

Game over. The nerd wins.


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