Amazing Trompe-L’oeil

"Jesuit Church Vienna"

This is probably the most impressive trompe-l’oeil that I have ever seen. It is the ceiling of The Jesuit Church in Vienna. It was painted c. 1703 by Andrea Pozzo. Truly a masterpiece, this is actually a flat ceiling. You can see more about this here.


2 responses to “Amazing Trompe-L’oeil

  1. What a gorgeous visual! I can’t believe it’s a flat surface. Have to check it out some day. Thanks for sharing!

    • That’s a personal favorite, I have this major thing with trompe l’oeil, (you can tell – it is one of the tags here) and this one speaks to my heart. Just look at this image. it is so cohesive, it is unquestionable. But, it is a fake. It is a flat ceiling, and it is mind-boggling to realize both realities at the same time. This just stuns me.

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