Photoshopped or Not?

At Ottertude we do not use photoshop, though we have posted images which were known to be photoshopped. These edited images are typically comical, unlikely images, posted under humor, and often identified as being “shopped”.


Because of the widespread use of digital manipulation, editing digital pictures has never been easier. And, because image manipulation happens at the pixel level, detection is not as easy as it was before the digital era. Many times we see unusual or unlikely images on the web, and in some cases these images turn out to be altered using Photoshop or some other image editing software. Edited images can be exposed by algorithms that detect discrepancies or statistical irregularities at the bit level. Now you can determine whether an image is taken by a digital camera or is edited – by using Photoshopped Image Killer.

"Portrait Professional"

You can check any image to see if it has been altered, and learn more about / download a free trial of Portrait Professional, the portrait enhancement plugin for Adobe® Photoshop®, if you visit the Photoshopped Image Killer Website. Thanks to Henry and Carolina for this information.

For more information on the Adobe® Photoshop® Family of Products, please visit their website here.


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