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M+Ms Rock!


Well, thank you for being aboard, and supporting the effort for all these years. I’m glad they could craft a space suit to fit, and your efforts are greatly appreciated, especially now as the program winds down. M+Ms Rock! 


Lunch With a Friend


Voted #1 April Fool’s Prank in History

The Good Life


This is a wonderful blog being featured by WordPress today. I’m sure anyone will enjoy this blog, and I encourage you to visit  The Good Life.

Woo Hoo! It’s Office Party Season!


"Too much"

Just remember – even if it’s after hours and off campus, you are still at work. Behave yourself accordingly.



There’s a possum in my soup!



It’s best to bring a translator to order for you.

Cookie Alert!


M+Ms cookies are Skippy’s favorite!

You Can’t Buy Happiness.


Yes, and chocolate is kinda like love, so hot chocolate and marshmallows…

Tailgating In Style

What a great way for you and your friends to get ready for the game…