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Voted #1 April Fool’s Prank in History


April Fools Day!

"April Fools Day"

Parrots In Tokyo

"Parrots in Tokyo"

St. Patrick’s Day: Wild parrots in cherry blossoms, Seijo, Tokyo. Thanks for this gorgeous picture, Julia.

Happy Saint Patty’s Day!

"St Patty's"

Ottertude’s Birthday! Well, 6 Months Actually



Woo Hoo!

Ottertude was launched as a web site on September 9th 2010, so March 9th will be 6 months. We have published 200 posts, and have made major progress in Search Engine Optimization, and with Facebook and Twitter.

But most of all, we have met some really wonderful people, and you make it worthwhile. I am unable to describe how grateful I am for you all. Thank You. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!




Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

This is no laughing matter, don’t do anything like this…

"Don't do this"

Think more about something like this…


And, for him, something useful is always appreciated…


Or, something hard to find…


Happy New Year!

"100 year"

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoy your celebration, and that the new year brings you joy in every way.

Merry Christmas!


…And the little ones still play with the box, not the toy.

Christmas Eve

 "Christmas Story"

Remember the lamp that the father won in the movie “A Christmas Story”?