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Speed Trap

Speed trap

The technology gap is mind-boggling. Instead of saying “pull over” do they just say “Whoa”?

I especially like the red light on the police donkey’s head.


Polar Bear

"Polar Bear"

Sea Birds

"Sea Birds"

I love this image. If you know who the photographer is, please let us know.



Welcome to Mavericks.

Superstition Mountains

"superstition 1"

"superstition 2"

Spring Skiing – The Grand Tetons

"Grand Tetons"

The Moulton Barn, Antelope Flats.

"Corbet's Couloir"

Corbet’s Couloir at Jackson Hole.

"Dropping In"

Dropping in –  Corbet’s Couloir.

Adriano de Souza

Taguaíba Slow Motion from Oakley Esportes on Vimeo.



Nostalgia moment.

Vatican City

"Vatican city"

"Plaza San Pietro"

The Plaza of San Pietro.

Pelicans at Seal Rocks, NSW, Australia

"Pelicans at Seal Rocks"

This is from Samantha Goode, a very gifted Nature Photographer. Her work is alternately dramatic, powerful,  gentle, and contemplative, much like Nature Herself.

You can see the tremendous collection of Samantha’s prints at her website here.

She also has a daily blog called Smile On Life.

This Photograph is from Smile On Life: