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Ceiling Art

"Ceiling Art"

You know how much we like Street Art. Is this a statement about smoking?


Street Shark


Amazing Trompe-L’oeil

"Jesuit Church Vienna"

This is probably the most impressive trompe-l’oeil that I have ever seen. It is the ceiling of The Jesuit Church in Vienna. It was painted c. 1703 by Andrea Pozzo. Truly a masterpiece, this is actually a flat ceiling. You can see more about this here.

Amazing Street Art

"Street Art"

Another simply amazing piece of street art.

Wine Shop

 "Wine shop"

Another great example of street art, this time indoors.

More Awesome Street Art

"Street 2"

"Street 3"

"Street 4"

"Street 5"

At Ottertude, we love the street art you have been sending. At this point, we have received over 50 examples, and we are glad to post them, we only wish we could post them all at once! Thank you for the excellent street art you are sending us! Cheers!

Awesome Street Art  

Sure, In a Car…

"Sure, in a Car"

Can you do that on foot?


Some Great Street Art


This is one of my favorite street art pieces.

Cool Shadow Art


This one is actually just piled up trash.


This is some random objects. But I think they both work really well.

It Doesn’t Get More Natural


What an amazing, creative artistic advertisement!