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That pretty much says it.




Rest seems to happen when you need it most, and expect it least.


"Swim 1"

"Swim 2"

"Swim 3"

"Swim 4"

"Swim 5"

"Swim 6"

That’s a hard way to have to find a home.

Parrots In Tokyo

"Parrots in Tokyo"

St. Patrick’s Day: Wild parrots in cherry blossoms, Seijo, Tokyo. Thanks for this gorgeous picture, Julia.

A Day At The Beach


Our warmest thoughts for the people in Japan. Thankfully, our family members there are OK. 

Bring Your Child to Work Day


"Bring your child to work"

Some jobs are pretty cool to visit.

And we have another candidate for Father of the Year.

The Good Life


This is a wonderful blog being featured by WordPress today. I’m sure anyone will enjoy this blog, and I encourage you to visit  The Good Life.


"Wedding 1"

"Wedding 2"

People react differently at weddings.

Merry Christmas!


…And the little ones still play with the box, not the toy.

To Our Service Men And Women


Thank you for serving our country. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We wish you a safe and happy Holiday Season, and we look forward to your safe return home.